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Liz Fiedler
Keynote Speaker

Meet Your Speaker!

My name is Liz Fiedler and I am a Nurse Practitioner turned flower farmer, author, and podcast host.  Graduating with my bachelors in nursing 2011, I worked as a RN for a few years before feeling like I was missing something, so I took the logical next step in my career to go back to school and obtain my doctorate as a Nurse Practitioner.  I chose a 5 year program, and a couple years into NP school 2016, my husband and I bought his family farm somewhat unexpectedly.  We purchased the original 40 acre farm that was founded in 1888, and welcomed our first child a year later.  Graduating in 2019, I started what I thought was my "forever career" as a Family Practice Primary Care Nurse Practitioner right before the pandemic started.    My husband and I had four months of "normal" in my career before the world shut down, and like so many others they decided to start a "hobby business/side hustle" of a flower farm and roadside stand at the end of our driveway primarily out of needing something to distract myself from my career in healthcare during a pandemic.  We weren't really sure what direction that business was going to go beyond that year, because in December 2020, my husband unexpectedly passed away from a heart attack and I found out I was pregnant the day after the funeral.  I continued to grow the flower farm, hiring help and trying to juggle two part time careers (flower farming and working as a Nurse Practitioner).  After doing that a couple of years, I realized that I couldn't grow the farm and business while still holding onto my clinic career, so I took a leap of faith and dove into entrepreneurship.  I now sells over 5000 bouquets every summer from April to September, and do flowers for 20+ weddings/year, am a 5X published author, host 2 podcasts, and spends a good chunk of my time coaching other entrepreneurs to build product based businesses.  Oh, and I still works 1 day/week as a NP to keep those skills up.  I'm excited to share the journey of building a new life when the old one no longer fits this changed version of me.  Allow yourself the grace to evolve when a life changing event changes the very person that you are.  

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